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About the Jeweller

Stones End Boutique

Karen Saunders

I have often thought about putting an About Me page together, and include it on my website but it was just a thought. I have used this information on occasion, when asked and thought I could certainly use this, so here it is.

It all started in 2020 with a collection of raw crystals & stones I’d picked up all over the country while traveling. I really wanted to do something with them to keep myself busy. Oddly enough, my husband and I had most of the tools that were needed to cut, shape, and polish the stones. We played around with some ideas, and with a bit of research we set up shop to make some rough stones look pretty.

Shortly after, we had all of these beautiful shaped and polished stones but we didn’t know what to do with them! I loved to display and admire them at home, but I wanted to do more with them. So I bought some wire (lots of wire), and started wrapping them. I practiced perfecting each piece, and if I didn’t like it my daughter and others reminded me that, “someone else, might”, all the while encouraging me to keep perfecting my craft.

I’m a self taught lefty! Nothing comes easy for me, other than thinking in my right mind. 😉

The first few hundred necklaces were really hard to wrap. As I figured out what worked for me, it started to get a little easier. Eventually my daughter encouraged me to start selling them. She helped me create a website, Instagram and Facebook page. She helped me set up my first craft show. She stayed for the day and helped me set up my beautiful table, and greeted customers. She helped me feel more comfortable to be able to do it on my own!

It took a small village to get Stone’s End Boutique off of the ground. I have a great support system and I’m so grateful for the feedback they provide me. I truly love what I do! It’s a really satisfying feeling to watch someone walk away with their new favorite piece of jewelry, showing it off to others with so much pride and joy!

I love getting invited to set up at craft shows and talking with those that come into my store, as well as staying connected with the many local artisans that I have met. Many of which have become wonderful friends.

If you’re interested in seeing my jewelry please follow me on Instagram & Facebook. I often post about my upcoming events and feature my newest pieces. My husband has joined me on this adventure, and he makes earrings & necklaces made from surfboard resin, aka Surfite! That’s another story though. You’ll have to stop by and see us for that one. 😉

With much love, gratitude and blessings,



Stones End Boutique

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