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Copper Wire Weaving Frenzy

Creating and designing a piece of Jewelry takes time. Many hours go into a new design especially when using a new technique. This piece of Jewelry is pear shaped, which also creates is own unique set of concerns. I have made several hundred pieces of Jewelry during the last few years, starting out very simple, back then it seemed quite hard and extremely challenging. Each one of a kind piece is a unique piece of jewelry.

As I learned to play with copper wire, I learned how to be more creative. Learning to work with copper was similar to learning how to sew. Once you know the stitch, you're really on your way. I don't know the names of the stitches that I weave, I just weave. As I have mentioned I am a self taught lefty, and learned many things on my own. Oh sure I could watch someone sew, knit, or even look at a map, but when I watched I had to place m myself in front of them and learn upside down. Oddly enough I learned the basics, but with much difficulty.

This labradorite I have had for some time, I really thought that I would never wrap it, because it just seemed bulky to me. However, that was then and this is now. My new design allows me to wrap thicker stones, because of the amount of wire that I do use to wrap each piece. I also feel confident that my wrapping encases the stone well enough that they will never become loose or fall out.

I have created many new pieces during the past few months using my new design and I'm quite pleased with the results in each piece. Learning from each weave and learning from each design. This truly excites me.

CEO and Founder

Stones End Boutique

Karen Saunders

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