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Natural Picture Jasper

Natural Picture Jasper

This Natural Picture Jasper is just a very delightful stone. If you stare at the stone long enough you will find yourself taking a journey, creating images along the way. This roadmap of mountains and streams, leading you to a special place that brings comfort and relaxation. As I created the wire weaving pattern for this piece, I really felt connected to this stone. Most of the weaving required placing the stone and securing it and then removing it and continuing the wire weave. The herringbone weave finishes the bale with a scarp and some decorative wrapping along the top. Copper wiring was used and then the wiring was antiqued giving it a more southwestern, vintage look. A black leather rope necklace will accompany the finished stone at no additional cost. This is a great necklace for that special someone in life. It’s a protective and nurturing stone that will bring you comfort during your low days. It will also alleviate your fears and remove your worries.Picture-Jasper brings energies of connection and comfort. It will positively influence your home, and bring relaxation, composure, security, and stability in your life.Picture-Jasper is a great stone for meditation, because it will merge your consciousness with the earth.It will show you how you can be ecologically responsible so that you will enjoy being here in this world together with other people and other living things.For more information about Picture Jasper visit http// #meditation #dallas #healing 

    I’m a Return and Refund policy. I’m a great place to let your customers know what to do in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Having a straightforward refund or exchange policy is a great way to build trust and reassure your customers that they can buy with confidence.

    All products shipped within 3-5 business days. Tracking information is generally sent via text, or email depending on which I have access too.

  • Care Instructions

    To clean your newly wrapped stone, gently wipe the metal with the jewelry cloth that has been provided for you and return your necklace to the bag.

    Keep your necklace away from direct sunlight, water, moisture, and any/all body products

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